They call him the grunge hippie. A semi-acoustic guitar, an amp or two, a setup of octavers, harmonizers, a few loops. And his voice. The new sound of Linus Jackson is here!

After playing, singing and touring with artists like Saint, Ane Brun and Bo Kaspers Orkester in different roles, it's soon time for the third solo release. Linus Jackson's "Abide" will be released in the fall of 2019.

The debut album "Said and done" (2014) included a lot of guest musicians and a collaboration with Vindla String Quartet, that generated air time on Swedish Radio.

With sophomore release "I want more" (2017), Linus is exploring a new, more pure sound, with his old Gretsch guitar, octavers, harmonizers, a few loops and his voice. A cool and rough, but emotional voice that sings emotional lyrics about love, life, the universe and everything.